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Constance P.
Aug 25, 2017

I would like to compliment Ronnie *and Gavin for the work they did on my kitchen sink. They were very thorough in identifying the problem and going the extra mile to be sure that everything worked. As I have a very old house, it takes patience to deal with the issues that arise unexpectedly, such as an old pipe that breaks while you are trying to repair it. They took care of that and cleaned up after the necessary work that needed to be done. I was very pleased with their advice about the sink.

Charles Freund
Aug 05, 2017

They fixed some hot water issues.

Yasir Raja
Aug 02, 2017

It went rather very smooth but honestly for 45 minute job charging close to 300 looks very unreasonable to me. Rodding in the basement drain as it was clogged, the guy did awesome job.

Jul 12, 2017

Tom was professional and efficient. The job took about 45 minutes from the time he showed up to the time he left and cost me $469 for a simple clog. While I was eager to get the problem resolved because it had been a week before it was handled, I would definitely pay the $60 for a quote and get a second opinion if I needed a plumber again. Needed to have bathtub drain snaked due to clog

Brian Jacobi
Jul 11, 2017

Price was higher than other quotes, but we knew from prior experience that Goode Plumbing would do a great job. Jose worked hard and did a great job for us. He was punctual and professional and paid great attention to detail. Cleanup was thorough. We will hire again. Replace lead water line with copper.

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